A.I. driven trademark search

ipgraphy is an innovative tech company specializing in similarity-based search engines for trademarks.

Trademark similarity assessment is hugely important when it comes to designing new brands, entering new markets or protecting your rights. ipgraphy allows to build solutions that are fast, accurate and robust. It makes the search or monitoring process much more affordable as well as easy to use.

Our unique technology allows to identify similar graphic or word trademarks with an amazing accuracy and unmatched speed. Lookup in a set of million items? ipgraphy will analyze it in less than a second.

ipgraphy image recognition algorithms allow to identify thousands of concepts, freeing you from using tags, Vienna Codes or other judgmental criteria. Our graphic search engine will present results according to similarity level. No more reviewing of hundreds or thousands of irrelevant images. Drag and drop an image you would like to search for and get results instantly.

ipgraphy takes text search to a completely new level. While typical search tools focus on a simple substring matching, our solutions will assess word similarities on the levels of typing, pronunciation and word meaning which is unique for this type of service.

Why ipgraphy

Automatic similarity evaluation: works on both image and word levels

Eliminates human factor: ipgraphy is independent from Vienna Classification or other subjective factors

Fast performance: results in seconds instead of hours, significant time savings and limitation of irrelevant results

Mitigates the overlook risk: no need to preliminary narrow search space with Vienna Classes

Cost savings: Through automation and time reduction

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